2020 Pro Modified Archive DVD - from 2007 to 2019

at Santa Pod Raceway



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The ultimate doorslammer cars on the planet, it’s been an unbelievable privilege to film them for more than a decade, and a real thrill to be able to pack as much of that action as we can into this fast paced, noisy, smokey, seat of the pants drag racing DVD.


Big hairy doorslammers or the Hot Rods from Hell, call them what you will. One thing’s for sure, they never fail to entertain. Twin turbos, superchargers and monster nitrous engines, these cars can cover the quarter mile in just 5 seconds with speeds reaching 250 mph.


With this level of power, things can go very wrong, very quickly, and it takes a fearless driver to try and tame the beast. Huge smokey burnouts, then pull to the line and wait for all hell to break loose. Hit the loud pedal and for the next 5 seconds you’re in for the ride of your life - fighting for traction, all the while trying to beat the car in the other lane.


Filmed exclusively at Santa Pod, the home of European drag racing, this DVD brings you year by year highlights of the MSA (Europe) and later Motorsport UK British Drag Racing Championship for Pro Modified.


The records, the career defining moments, the thrills and spills, all packed into one wild DVD.






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Running Time 2 hours 5 minutes, PAL (UK) Format DVD


Filmed and Produced by Zeon TV




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** The Complete Series - All 6 2020 Archive DVDs. 2020 Archive Pro Mod, 2020 Archive Street Eliminator, 2020 Fuel Altereds, 2020 Archive Hot Rods at Shakey, 2020 Outlaw Anglia, 2020 Mopar EuroNats DVDs **


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