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2017 Dragstalgia DVD

at Santa Pod Raceway


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One of the top events on the UK drag racing calendar, this is Dragstalgia 2017.  Europe's biggest gathering of nostalgia drag racing cars, bikes and dragsters, held in July at Santa Pod Raceway


So many of these vehicles only existed in long distant memories and folklore, but this weekend they came back to life on the famous quarter mile - DRAG-WAYE to name just one.  It truly was one to remember


Add to the mix explosive 5 second action from the Nostalgia Cannonball with the spectacular Nostalgia Funny Cars and dragsters, Slingshot Showdown with period perfect 6 second dragsters, and the wild handling but indecently quick Serck Motorsport Outlaw Anglia


Be blown away by the Supercharged Outlaws, the high riding Gasser Circus, the oh so original NSA Bikes, the Wild Bunch, Willys Wars, Outlaw Flat Four, UK Nostalgia Super Stock and the Dragstalgia Invitational


If that’s not enough, catch-up with drag racing royalty Dennis Priddle for a fascinating trip down memory lane. Dragstalgia 2017 - pure quality from start to finish


Running Time 1 hour 52 minutes, PAL (UK) Format DVD, Commentary Colin Theobald



Click on a picture below for a bigger version of the footage shots


banzai topolino nsa bike on the start line venom nostalgia funny car on the start line colin theobald interviewing dennis priddle big burnout top end shot outlaw anglia number 43 uk nostalgia super stock car on the start line two willys wars cars gasser circus car burnout andy fadster in twister burnout man in drag as a backup girl slingshot shootout swedish dragster burnout gantry shot of the top end of two wild bunch cars outlaw anglia wearing fezs wild bunch altered after burnout outlaw flat four car in the pits wild bunch topolino about to launch robin reed nitro dragster





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