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2016 Dragstalgia DVD

Santa Pod Raceway

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Dragstalgia 2016 - billed as ‘An Adrenaline Fuelled Blast From the Past’, and wow did it deliver. Three days jam packed with British, European and American show and go cars and bikes from yesteryear

In its 50th anniversary season, Santa Pod wanted to put on the show to end all shows, including inviting friends from across ‘The Pond’ in the form of Ron Hope in Rat Trap, and Randy Bradford in Bradford’s Topolino. See these mean handling, nitro methane altereds going head to head with the newly nitro’d Havoc, and the awesome Wild’r At Heart nostalgia funny car

Add to the mix action from the Nostalgia Cannonball, Slingshot Showdown, Outlaw Anglia, Supercharged Outlaws, Gasser Circus, NSA Bikes, Wild Bunch, Willys Wars, Outlaw Flat Four, and Nostalgia Super Stock, and you get the picture that this event was something quite special

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And if that wasn’t enough, watch in awe as the Allard Dragster takes to the track for the first time in 40 years, and enjoy the moment that Pegasus came out of the Museum, and once again took to the famous Santa Pod quarter mile Running Time 2 hours, PAL (UK) Format DVD.





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